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Looking for low cost, hassle free clipping path solutions?

Welcome to eComPicx Clipping Path Service Page. We are an offshore team of graphic experts who have extensive expertise in image editing services; particularly, “Clipping Path.” This photo editing technique is quite popular, in-demand, and most sought after skill for any endeavor that involves photos and graphics.

That is where eComPicx Steps in! Our expert team works round the clock and handles most basic gig to complex ones involving Background Removal, Image shape and size manipulation, complex path creation, and more.

What is Clipping Path Exactly?

To put it in layman’s terms, basically, we trap the Photo in question in an outline, then take the whole photo out by a process called, “Background Removal.”

It creates a vector path around the image that separates the inside of the path from the outside. So, the image that you are trying to use, will not be harmed in any way.

How Many Clipping Path Types Are There?

Okay, we get this question a lot so let’s find an answer to the lingering query that you guys have. We classify Clipping Path Service into four categories depending on image complexity. These are:

  1. Simple
  2. Compound
  3. Complex
  4. Super Complex

Okay, let us give you a rundown on what we do as part of these services.


Remember, we spoke of “Background Removal” of an image? Well, eComPicx experts remove the background of a photo and enhance the quality of it as part of this package.

Image Background Removal procedure is pretty easy but takes a little time since our Team of Photoshop Experts does it manually without any sneaky software. Then again, we are experts at what we do. So, the delivery time is lesser than our competitors.


Well, we offer this service to people who want to link multiple clipping paths into one and then work from there. This usually takes more time and work. But our team can handle workloads and massive projects because we work round the clock by splitting up into smaller units.


Here is where it gets tricky for a few orders. E-commerce people generally want Photoshop guys to work with images with “Closed Paths.” You need this method to create composite images. Business owners use this method to create big images of products. eComPicx accomplishes all that with 2 – 5 closed paths in Photoshop.

Super Complex

While we do the easy stuff, Clipping Path Service Provider Team of EcomPicx is equally competent at the complicated stuff as well. There are some images that have holes and transparency issues. Our dedicated and “Detail Oriented” team works long hours to fix each image with multiple closed clipping paths. The end result is an enhanced image that will serve your ads, marketing campaign and E-commerce business just nicely!

We Take Care of Silo Clipping Path Services Too!

For some, it may seem like a simple task. It is basically a background removal, right? Not quite. While background removal is part of the process, we, at EcomPicx, go one step further. We take the image and perfectly set it up on a different color background or an entirely different image.

While doing so, we select the accurate image pixels and tools in Photoshop so that everything matches perfectly with the image it was taken from. Also, we provide the isolated image a sharper edge.

Why Us of All People?

That is the basic question, isn’t it? Why us with all the Clipping Path Service Provider Agencies out there? The answer lies in the procedure and team strength. Our Photoshop guys are experts at what they do and we have a formidable team of more than 50 guys doing their jobs perfectly.

We work round the clock to make sure to cover our deadlines with time to spare. While doing that, we keep track of the quality our clients desire from us.

You can expect our Service to be one of the quickest if not THE quickest of all our competitors.

We, at EcomPicx, have a system of “Custom Requests” which allows our clients to quote their price for the gigs and place custom orders which very few companies offer.

To make it more convenient to our clients, we do have a “Customer Support” department which is very much responsive to each and every query of our clients and acts accordingly!

Most importantly, we create the “Clipping Path on Photoshop” by hand and without any software other than Photoshop. We utilize the pen tool and carve out each image or sharpen it by hand. Yes, even the complex images with varying pixels and within the shortest time limit possible.

Interested? Let us Answer Few of Your “Pre-Order” Questions Below

Hey! Do You Have a Way So That I can Pay Monthly?

Yes, we have! For our corporate clients, we receive orders on the basis of “Monthly Payment.” You don’t have to pay every time you knock us for a gig. Instead, pay one time in a month for your entire tally of photos.

Can I expect a discount on bulk orders?

Yes! You can! Our team is quite adept at handling bulk orders. We offer a fixed discount on prices for our regular clients on their bulk orders per month.

How soon can I expect my pictures to be delivered?

Well, like most companies, our turnaround time is 24 hours. That is, from the time your order is accepted. Then again, the delivery time depends on your order quantity and quality. Based on these two factors we may take up to 96 hours to deliver your order. If any issue occurs, you have our customer care open for you to confer.

Are the pictures safe with you guys?

This goes without saying! Yes, they are safe. The entire team of EcomPicx works under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that prevents us from discussing our projects to anyone else. Furthermore, the “Tech” we use to conduct the operations are protected by state-of-the-art machinery and software. These include firewall and antivirus systems. We’ve gone as far as disabling flash cards on our own computers!

How do I get my images to you and how do I get them back?

Hey, we know sending large files over the email system is a drag. We’ve made it simple and easy-to-follow for our clients with two different options.

- Firstly, try the web uploader. Log in to our website, you’ll find the uploader through which you can get your images to us and we’ll process them. After that, simply collect them from your dashboard.

- If FTP doesn’t bode too well for you, simply use your Dropbox. Integrate Dropbox with your account and upload your images there. We’ll pick them up from the folder you specified and we’ll pick it up from there. After we are done with the work, we’ll put the images back.

How can I pay you?

Paying us is rather easy. Our website supports PayPal, Payoneer and, wire transfer. You, as our client, can pay us in whichever way you prefer.

Which formats do you receive?

We’ve kept flexibility in mind when it comes to receiving image formats from our esteemed clients. We like to work with JPG files. But you can provide us with PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF etc.

I’m curious, how can you afford to have such price range?

Well, our team has some of the best DTP professionals and top notch technology at our disposal. Our turnaround time only rivals a few of our competitors. Plus, we have a facility at part of the world where EcomPicx can afford to offer its services at this price.

What if I am not that happy with your service?

With our repertoire of services and the way we handle things here at EcomPicx, the chances of our clients being unhappy is very low. However, we don’t leave anything to chance. If you have some niggles about our clipping path service, we have a handy customer service department that will answer your queries and requests.

We guess these points have answered your “Pre Order” questions if you have any. If you are ready to begin, give us a nod now!