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Your photos are sometimes so complicated that a clipping path can’t remove the background efficiently. That is where Image Masking comes in. Normally, images with blurry backgrounds don’t give off that much quality when you remove the background with Clipping Path.

Our tip? Don’t use clipping path. Get a hold of Professional Image Masking Service Providers to solve your glitch.

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What Exactly is Image Masking?

For those of you who don’t actually know what it is, “Image Masking helps to cut out or remove the background of part of the image, or the image itself through pixels if it has blurry edges.”

In simpler terms, “Image Masking does the job where Clipping Path falls short.”

The result is an even better photo than the original which has better quality than the original one people provide.

The Type of Image Masking Services eComPicx Offers

Our experienced team of photo manipulators and “Retouch Specialists” offer you an array of masking services. Our repertoire includes but isn’t limited to the following:

Layer Masking Service

This is a type of service that Ecompicx offers with utmost ease. When clients say, “Image Masking,” they commonly refer to the masking of layers. What we do is we manipulate pixels around the edges of the photo in Photoshop. This allows us to reveal or highlight portions of the image in question.

We do this by changing the opacity of the layer (or layers) in question. From there, EcomPicx will highlight certain portions of your image or make certain portions disappear. As a result, you’ll find your images more appealing and catchy to your customers.

With “Layer Masking Services,” we work with what is under the layer. We decrease the opacity of it to make the layer’s beneath visible to the customers.

We Offer Hair Masking Service Too!

Hair Masking is one of the more complex things that not many experts cover all that well. This type of masking, when done well, can make your photos shine and career (for models and fashion houses) blossom. Experts use Photoshop CS6 to cover all the bases well when it comes to this job.

Let’s say your photo has some amazing details around the hair but the background is spoiling all the fun and beauty of them. Our team of experts will use the Hair Masking Tool (popularly referred as the “Magic Wand”) to mark the edges and detect similar pixels. Then we’ll cut out the image with the hair intact. The best thing is, it won’t look like a cutout at all!

eComPicx follows the same principals in case of images of furry animals like dogs and cats.

Alpha Channel Masking Service

This is one of our specialties that we offer proudly. Any transparent object poses difficulties when you decide to remove the background. This is because, for some images, working with multiple layers is difficult for people. The best way for background removal in such cases is to do the channel masking properly. We apply this technique in case of a “Semi-Transparent” or a “Translucent” image.The process is to work with color palate of the layer that offers most contrast.

To do that, we copy a layer in question and then “Level” the layer to increase contrast. eComPicx experts also use tools like “Color Decontaminate,” Dodge, and Burn tools to increase the contrast of the layer around the edges.

Furthermore, the tedious process involves selections and “Inverse” selections of multiple layers and putting them together one on top of the other while combining the basic rules.

The Act of Transparency Masking in Photoshop

Have you ever come across images with gradient backgrounds? A transparent object in such images can pose problems for you when you are considering to remove the thing. Our Image Masking Service Experts do Transparency Masking to lock the background layer and remove the transparent object from your photo as well. That too, without any fuss.

Pixel Removal Services

People don’t realize but removing pixels that are practically invisible to naked eye is a troublesome task. We remove pixels without any fuss. While we do that, Ecompicx also takes care of backgrounds of all the Translucent images that you come across.

We do the Translucent Image Masking when you have sunglasses, frosted glasses, bridal dress, and things with 5% to 10% opacity level. The thing with these objects is that a minute amount of light passes through. That is why we need to mask the objects to remove the pixels carefully.

We Provide Photoshop Collage Masking as Well!

How? Well, we basically remove background for a bunch of images. Then we take them and put them all together on a new background that enhances what is in the photos. A collage is best applied to similar type of items in photos and in case of grouping them together. This type of image masking service applies best for brochures, travel guides, and catalogues.

You can even try our collage image masking services for photos on your own website, formal, and personal set of photos that reflect your memories the best way possible.

Why Would You Work with Us?

However easy might these tasks seem to you, providing image masking services aren’t easy. The tasks require a detail-oriented team (which we already have), incredible focus, and attention to most minute detail possible.

This is where eComPicx takes the cake over all other companies. We’ve done image masking many times over and know what complexities can present themselves. We have a hard-working bunch of people and the goodwill since we’ve served a number of franchises.

Clients can depend on eComPicx as though they have their own “Design” department at hand anytime they need one.

One thing you need to understand is that a company is only as good as its weakest side. One simple miss-step in Photoshop can ruin your image entirely. That is why eComPicx has developed a rigorous “Error Checking” system that strives to find and correct any mistakes we’ve made. We ensure quality in every step we take.

The best thing about us is that we adapt as your photos need us to. We are never happy just to apply some generic techniques and be done with it. Very often EcomPicx comes across photos that need a multitude of processes to be edited. Luckily, each member of our team has two or more sets of expertise that helps the team take care of such problems without flinching.

We train ourselves to the extreme. eComPicx comes up with seminars and workshops so that our experts can hone their skills and better themselves at image masking services and other things related to Photoshop. We never sit around with what we have as expertise. We improve on it day-by-day to better ourselves.

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