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For an expert photographer, taking a perfect photo is a moment’s job. But pointing the camera to an object or a person and taking the shot the perfect time requires a lot of prep work and experience.

One way to solve the problem is by photo retouching and eliminating loose ends of your photos. So, what to do? One thing we’d tell you is not to throw the tainted or seemingly “Bad” photos away. Do some practice and learn the art of photo retouching on Photoshop.

But here’s the catch! Even if by any chance, you can’t do it, you have us to take on the hassle. We’d be happy to do your job on behalf of you.

eComPicx takes pride in delivering top notch retouching services that improve your photos in multitude of ways. Our service quality and turnaround time is second to none!

What Exactly is Photo Retouching?

In the simplest of terms, Photo Retouching refers to the process that improves the quality and the look of your photos. Sometimes, professionals refer to the process as air brushing or simply as Photoshop Retouching.

You might not realize it but even the most profound images have faults one way or the other and need fixing through professional editing.

These editing services that we provide cover many areas that will present your images in unique and beautiful ways. Most importantly, we know which image needs which kind of treatment.

What Type of Photo Retouching Techniques We Provide?

Photo Retouching comes in different types and we offer them in different packages.

We have some skilled DTP professionals who offer their expertise when it comes to Skin Retouching, Beauty Retouching, and Dust Retouching. Let us go into detail on how we deliver our services.

Firstly, There’s the Skin Retouch Thing

You know what shines through modeling images and photos that highlight the skin products if you are an entrepreneur? The “SKIN” of course.

Renowned portrait photographers do go the extra mile to ensure they get good lighting, great exposure of the model and all the props in place to get the perfect click where the skin looks flawless and glows to provide the overall image a huge lift.

Now, in case, if anything goes wrong, you need Image manipulation experts like eComPicx to handle the hassle for you.

Our expert team leverages layer touch-up technique to cover up imperfections on model’s skin to make it glow and convey the message you want to provide to your audiences.

This process involves a lot of tweaking and six to seven elaborate steps before your image is rekindled into something appealing.

Now, for botchy skin types and tiny blemishes or spots in skin, eComPicx has a photo retouching service that we lovingly called “Separation Technique.”

This is a color separation that dives into something a little bit more “Technical.” The process is a bit more time consuming than other types of skin retouches that we do. Creating layers upon layers that work seamlessly, is tough. Very tough to be honest.

But what we strive for is the end result. When done right, the end result is sparkling and highlights different features of the face as you want. This technique can even eliminate mild to moderate hotspots on the face as well!

On the other hand, when your images are too good (read too sharp and clear for their own good), we deliver ByRo method for skin retouches. This method de-sharpens the image to a degree that it looks natural and well taken.

We Enhance Beauty of Your Photos AKA We Do Beauty Retouching Too!

Want to fix up the hair and clothes besides skins in your images?

Yeah! eComPicx can pull that off without flinching!

As part of our beauty retouching service, we enhance the background of your portraits, eCommerce products, family photos, and even wedding photographs.

While this procedure seems standard, we assure you that highlighting clothing, background, small details, and even hair is a hard task to accomplish. You need experience, a dedicated team, and skill set to pull this off.

Fortunately, here at eComPicx, we tick all the boxes. We offer various tactics to obtain the best when it comes to beauty enhancements of the models, object and background effects.

We Do Dust and Scratch Removals Too


That is a part of our image retouching services too!

We’ve seen many photos that are scratched or collect dust over time. Even if you wipe the dust off from the surface, the effect takes a diminishing toll on your photos.

Scratches often hamper your professional and personal photos and need to be fixed.

Here at eComPicx, we follow a number of Photoshop tricks to get rid of the scratches and dust that leave a mark and do a number on your photos.

The first approach we go to is to filter out the dust and scratch effects on your photos. Not many people can use this technique effectively. But, with the number of years behind our backs, you can count on us to trim down some of the heavier effects these things leave on your images.

Then there is the “History” panel. Unlike most Image Experts, we are adept at using the history panel to the fullest of its potentials. Thanks to our efforts, you can remove the dust and scratches of your Black and White images too. Of course we do that with the same amount of precision as you’d expect from us when doing the normal images with vivid colors.

What Makes Us So Special?

Simply put, we are one of the best (if not THE best already) in doing what we do best. Photo Retouching Services that we provide remain one of the most sought after till date.

We don’t go blindly into any gig. Make no mistake, we CAN remove any sort of imperfection there is in your images. However, while we do that, we also are advocates of natural beauty and glow in a photo.

Rest assured, we’ll not retouch or do corrections to your images in a way that it disrupts the natural shine of it. You don’t want to lose the natural sheen and beauty of your models in order to artificially enhance their looks.

You can expect flat out honesty from us in this regard.

We hold a number of meetings, one-on-one counselling, and we also deliver your images in small chunks if you so choose. All of these things are done to make sure you do our job correctly and reflect what you want your images to represent.

Also, delivering all the images in small chunks allows us to provide you with constant supply of images. This way, you don’t have to wait till the big judgement day of deadline is just round the corner.

This also allows eComPicx to meet deadlines more effectively and correct any miscalculations or re-edit certain photos if our clientele need us to. Of course, we check and recheck the finished lot before we actually deliver your order back to you.

We have designed a customized system to make sure we can receive your orders in various quantities. You can shoot up a mail requesting a quote with any number of images you see fit.

eComPicx is flexible regarding our payment options as well. You will have alternate payment methods if one doesn’t suit your style.

Come on! Pair up with us. We are more than happy to have you onboard.

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