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Adding Photo Reflection to your images adds that “Extra” bit of flair to your images that they need. The reflection effect invokes vitality, character, and sometimes expression that sets them apart from your competition.

But there is a “Glitch.” Assigning photo reflections to your standard images isn’t the job for any Tom, Dick or Harry. You need a professional photo reflection service provider instead.

Luckily for you, we at eComPicx have number of years behind our backs as Photoshop DTP experts. We are at hand when you need the reflection service (also known as assigning mirror effects) on photos done. Let us explore the concept a bit further.

What Exactly is Photo Reflection or Mirror Effect on Images?

It is what the name suggests. When we imply the “Mirror Effect” to any image that our clients provide us with, we simply create a reflection of that image at the bottom or at any side our clients want us to.

Photoshop is the magic tool that allows us to do it. Having said that, the process can be tricky for complex images and when we are tackling a batch of images, it can take a bit of time too. Nevertheless, our photo reflection service is one of the best among you will ever find on the internet.

What Happens When We Do Photo Reflection?

After eComPicx is done with revamping your images and doing Mirror service on them, the surface poses as highly reflective one. Photo Reflection allows you to create an illusion of a disembodied picture. But it still gets its depth. We just use the surface cleverly to give your images some much needed texture. The end result will lift your image up and you’ll be able to use it on a professional level without any problems.

A Million Dollar Question –When Do You Need Photo Reflection Services?

As tempting as it may sound, eComPicx goes about providing this service only in three cases. Others don’t really need the job done. The three instances where we do “Mirror Effect” or “Photo Reflection” are:

  • When our clients need to highlight the object in photo as well as the surface it is on.
  • Do you want to give your photo some context and don’t want to apply the background most people strive for? Photo Reflection is the ideal service you should opt for.
  • If you are an eCommerce owner and want to give your images a boost by offering 3-D background, mirror effect is the ideal solution you can get.

How Do We Get the Mirror Effect Done?

The key part of offering image optimization services such as “Photo Reflection” is understanding how clients would use these images later on. That is what eComPicx strives to do so well. We soften up the edges of the images that our clients provide us.

We, at eComPicx try hard to communicate with our clients in key moments before we deliver their orders. Our constant communication skills and our expertise with Photoshop DTP allow us to get through to our clients and understand what they actually want from us.

As you might have noticed, Reflection Services do have their own types. Each type is applicable in a different scenario than the other. We identify your needs than come up with the most suitable type of mirror effect (whether it is providing 3D effect or simply creating reflection at the bottom of the intended object) that you need for your photos.

We focus on the “Finished Products” as opposed to taking the images as simple processes. This allows us to come up with top notch results that will satisfy our clients and partners alike.

Then we copy and rotate layers of the object(s) in the images and play with opacity to make sure the reflected image is what you call a “Picture Perfect” one.

Why Would You Work with Us?

Fair question, isn’t it? There are many organizations and experts that provide photo reflection services. Then, why eComPicx in the first place? Let us break the reasons down in the form of bullet points.

  • The first reason would be our expertise. Our group consists of 15 to 20 people that take care of Photoshop tasks like nobody’s business! We aren’t bragging when we say eComPicx has a number of years behind its back when it comes to doing stuff with layers in Photoshop. Naturally, we’d take care of ANYTHING you throw at us.
  • The next thing would be constant communication. Throughout this article on our Photo Reflection Services, we’re telling you that we communicate with our clients in “Key Moments.” Our communication style and pattern allows us to deliver top notch service. We ensure each gig goes “As We Planned” at every step of the way from start to finish.
  • We know which photo needs which type of caring. After our clients book us for a service, we go through a meeting considering the batch of images. With so many types of reflections at hand, we evaluate which type your image needs, confer with you and come up with plethora of options on how you can get the best result out of our service possible.
  • We are very much cost effective. Besides our in-house graphic experts, we also have offshore teams that work on bulk orders. You can depend on us for quality as well as rates that you won’t get to work with anywhere else in the world. Since we have offshore experts as well, this allows us to deliver quality services at unprecedented rates without degrading images.

Additional Services We Offer

The size of our team, our expertise, and work hours allow us to deliver numerous services besides Photo Reflection. Just to clarify, photo reflection is just a part of a much larger service range we have stored for you. As part of our “Shadow Effect” service, we offer the following:

  • Drop Shadow that imposes the feel that you’ve raised the object above the surface for a bit. This service is super useful for the eCommerce sector. This photo edit gives your image a faint glow too.
  • We do the “Natural Shadow Casting” too. Here, we place a natural shadow of the object of any image. eComPicx makes it look like the light is coming from a single or multiple sources. This act is most useful in case of branding and modeling images.
  • “Existing Shadow” is another service that we offer proudly. This is simply selecting a shadow of an object and keeping it in place while we remove the background of the image. We keep the sheen of the object intact whilst working on other parts.

Our Work Samples

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